USA State Scratch Off Travel Map -Large 32" by 24" Frameable Poster - Customized Photographed for Each US State



Height: 24 Inches; Width: 32 Inches


We stand out ahead of the competition in quality, design, and size. We just love our colorful and stunning map! It is full of actual photos, not just watercolor or tie-died designs, and it is absolutely beautiful. These photos were hand selected and were actually taken in each location to provide a better experience of each state. We've selected some of the most breathtaking, most traveled, and most popular destinations across the country in an effort to capture the real America the beautiful.

Our Map is also giant sized, compared to alternative. Not only is there little white space on the edges, but it’s also already 32 by 24inches! This is literally a poster size, which looks great framed (easy enough to find a frame online), or even unframed. Why settle for a small, hard to see map, when you can go BIG!

A must have with your other travel accessories, marking your traveling destinations, celebrating this wonderful country, or even as a traveler's gift for a colleague, friend or family member. Perfect map of all USA states for:
-solo travelers

This comes with your U.S. traveler's map, a scratcher pen to carefully scratch off each state with precision (a coin can also work). Arrives with a protective plastic to keep the map clean and scratch free, rolled up in the tube with the scratcher pen inside as well. We are 100% certain you’ll absolutely love your scratch off map, if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.