Oregon Outdoors Vinyl Decal Car

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This vinyl decal is made from high quality indoor/outdoor vinyl. The decal does not have a background.

It will adhere to most non-porous smooth surfaces including your car window, truck window, regular window, bumper, laptop, cell phone, iphone, computer, ipad, tablet, binder, gaming console, xbox, playstation, mirror, ATV, motorcycle, helmet, toys, most plastic, painted, metal, glass, or smooth wood surfaces. Not recommended for flexible surfaces or the walls of your home.

1. Clean surface thoroughly with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Cleaners such as glass cleaner are not recommended as they may leave residue which will prevent proper adhesion.
2. While surface is drying place decal flat on table and rub edge of credit card across the transfer tape to remove any air bubbles that may have formed and help the decal to adhere to the transfer tape.
3. Peel the transfer tape from the paper backing slowly and gently. If the decal clings to the paper backing, carefully lower the transfer tape back onto the decal and repeat step 2.
4. Carefully align the transfer tape over the location you wish to apply the decal. Sticker cannot be re-positioned once placed on surface.
5. Rub edge of credit card over transfer tape to aid decal in adhering to surface.
6. Slowly peel up transfer tape at a sharp angle. If decal sticks to transfer tape slowly replace transfer tape and repeat step 5. Credit card can be used to apply pressure to back side of transfer tape while peeling up.