American Flag Shadow Box Wood Military Coin Holder Display



pine wood, stain, wood glue


Height: 22 Inches; Width: 12.5 Inches; Depth: 1.5 Inches


Black stained Rustic Wooden Handmade American Challenge Coin Flag Display.

A blue line or any other color line can be added.

Beautiful Challenge Coin Flag 100% Made in the USA.

All flags in this listing will be made with Charcoal stain and no colors.

In this post we offer our midsize 12.5 x 21.5 inch coin flag who holds 20-24 coins and our 15.5 x 26 inch coin flag who holds 50-60 coins.

All my flags are made out of high quality Pine wood cut down here in Georgia. I hand stain and burn every flag by hand what makes every coin flag unique. The flags get a clear coating to protect the wood.

The Union can be done in different options as well:
Standard 50 Stars
Betsy Ross Flag 13 Star
Army logo
Navy logo
Air Force logo
Marine Corps logo
Infantry cross rifles logo
Armored Branch logo
Old Iron Side logo
Cavalry cross Saber logo
and many more

If you need your order rushed please add on the Rush order option to move your order to the front of our production line.

I'm a licensed Woodworker with the DOD I have all licences needed to be allowed to use Military logo's and Ranks.